Monday, March 31, 2008

More pics of the baby!

Boy, y'all are really going to get tired of this kid! lol Anyhow, I talked to Berlyn, and realized that there might be some confusion for some of the members of the crochetlist that might take a look here, since they know (of) Berlyn by her actual name, which is Rachele. She said it was okay for me to put her real name on here, so that's how I'm going to be calling her!

So, anyway, here are some more pics of Tiny for you guys to look at!

Here's Tree holding Tiny for the first time!


NEO said...

He's so tiny, poor little guy, thrust into this cruel world so soon. :P
Looks like is is being well taken care of and loved.

Mouse said...

That looks like a very happy family. :)