Saturday, December 31, 2011

By the by, I haven't been around much...

And there've been multiple reasons for that.  Part of it is school, of course.  That kept me pretty busy, but it was worth it--I got 4 A's and an A- this semester, and now I'm applying for what the college calls its "Fresh Start option."  Basically, I get to boost my GPA by having the GPAs from 2 semesters wiped out.  The grades are still there, but the poor grades no longer count against me.  The really nice thing is that one semester will be gone entirely, and the other will now count as a 4.0, since I get to keep the A from that semester.

The other reason I've been away is that Dave went to the hospital in October with really bad pneumonia, and came out with a few other, really damn scary things, the scariest being congestive heart failure.  The doctors told him that the right side of his heart (which is the back side, in case y'all didn't know--I didn't) was enlarged to about the size of a football.  They also told him that they just don't see that size heart in a living patient, and that he'd be lucky to make it to Thanksgiving.   He's got a post about it on his blog, here.

...I'm really scared, y'all.  I'm not ready to be without Dave.  Don't get me wrong, I can do anything that needs to be done.  But I don't think I can be the center of the family that he is.  And I know that without him, every day I'll just be going through the motions, waiting until it's my turn.  I know that might sound corny, or stupid, or whatever, but yeah, that's pretty much how it'll be.  Everything will be...hollow.

But for now, we're making Plans, with a capital P.  We're going to be applying for our passports within the next couple of weeks, because we have Very Important People to go meet.  We're planning to go see our friends Flora and Rowenna in Scotland--probably after I graduate from college, so not this summer but next!  And then we need to go to Australia to see Nettie and Sarah, and have them show us how to avoid the drop bears.  :-)  And somewhere in there, we need to go see Dave's brother Bill in Sweden.  I figure we might as well get as much mileage out of those passports as we can!  lol

Anyway, I should probably head to bed, since it's nearly 4 a.m.  Hopefully this next year I'll check in more often.