Friday, March 7, 2008

Random chit-chat

Okay, if you'll look to your right (no, silly, on the screen!) you'll notice that I've added some links to a few other blogs, as well as a place filled with people as kooky as I am--some are kookier! : )
Work was, well, work. Not a fantastic evening, but not a bad one, either. I ended up going home early, though, because my oldest daughter had to make a trip to the hospital. Looks like she'll be there over the weekend. Pregnancy complications are so much fun, aren't they? : ( Anyhow, dh (dear hubby if you didn't already know) wasn't up to watching her two older kidlets--he's got chronic pain and fell at the store today, so was spending the evening trying not to hurt. Not much fun. : (
Have to go to work in the morning. I really miss having weekends off. But at least I get every other one off, and every Sunday as well, so it's not all bad. Not sure what I'll be doing tomorrow, but I do know it will involve rearranging something! lol
No other plans for the rest of the weekend, besides trying to get some cleaning done, if I can ever drag myself off the computer! ; ) I'm having way too much fun with it lately! But I guess that's all for tonight. I'm going to go for now, read some email, nothing special.
Y'all have a good evening!


Hieronymous Anonymous said...

I was sorry to hear about Berlyn and Dave - I hope they're doing ok!

Where do you work?
(Oh, and I find it terribly difficult to get cleaning done, too. It must be the sign of an artistic temperament or something.)

NEO said...

I haven't felt like cleaning for a while, and the wife being in the end stages of hatching our third child doesn't either, so it is a wreck! Ahhhh! I hope Dave and Berlyn are doing ok now. Tell him to be careful or I will come and kick his butt and take his cookies away.

Shawna said...

Hi Boo and Neo! Dave is a hurtin' unit tonight and Berlyn is in the hospital over the weekend at least. She's doing pretty ok, though. Neo, I think she and your wife are at about the same stage in pregnancy. Berlyn's due around the 15th of June.
Boo, it's funny you should say that--I was an art major in college! My problem is that I'm almost obsessive about cleaning--once I start, I get that area SPOTLESS--but it tends to take me all day, whereas anyone else would take maybe and hour.