Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Yay! I'm officially a seller!

Dave and I sat down tonight and listed my jewelry set on eBay. Woohoo! I am officially a seller. You should be able to find it listed under thecraftydragon. Dave's pretty sure I'll be able to sell the stuff I make, and for a lot more than I think I'll be able to. We shall see. I kind of hope so--it would be pretty darn cool if other people love my jewelry as much as I do! : )
Oh, just to let you all know, Berlyn is home from the hospital--came home Monday. There isn't a whole lot they could do except keep her still and moniter her temperature and stuff like that, which she can do at home. So, she's attempting to rest while putting together a website about high-risk pregnancies and writing articles for (you can look her up under Berlyn if you want to go take a look).
Dave is still bruised from his fall at the store last week, but is doing a bit better. Slow going, it's hard for him to recuperate from stuff like that.
Our youngest has been giving him fits lately--we're homeschooling her (well, Dave is mostly) and she really hates math and anything where she has to write.
Everyone's been enjoying having the new dog around--he's a rat terrier, and has lots of energy! He's also such a puppy, even though he's almost a year old. He's very smart, learns fast, and wants to play most of the day. He's still learning not to be freaked out about the many and various noises around our house (believe me, there are a ton of those!), as well as all the strange people who come in and out of the house. Can't expect much more than that, we've only had him for two weeks, and I'm sure that he'll get used to the craziness pretty quickly.
Nothing new about me or work, except I found out that I've got another reset in my jewelry department (that's the third one in 2 weeks!), but it shouldn't be too big a deal. Other than that, only 2 days until payday and the weekend, which I have off! Woohoo!!
Y'all have a great evening! (Night, day, whatever....)

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