Monday, March 24, 2008


I was going to write a whole long serious post about "what if"...but, really, I've had a lot of serious type posts on here, and no one is responding to them. I don't know if that means no one is reading them, or if I'm just depressing them, and they're going out and committing some kind of ritual suicide somewhere in the wilds of Iowa or someplace! : ) Honestly, I'm not sure which I wish for more....or less,
I've decided that I need to do some serious cleaning. I can no longer find all of my jewelry stuff--and considering that I want to sell jewelry I make, that's not a good thing! I think that I need to enlist the help of some friendly brownies (no, not the ones who sell cookies) or house-elves.
A bit of an update on Berlyn: She is doing okay, but she has to go in for monitoring of the baby every day. Baby is doing well, lungs are developing just fine, as is the diaphragm--he apparently has the hiccups a lot--especially when Berlyn is trying to do kick
Dave is also doing well, all things considered. He's been having a few high-pain days, but other than that, he's okay.
And as for the rest of the crew, my middle son (he's 17!!) has just signed up for the National Guard. He's going to go in for training as a firefighter, and he ships out for basic on April 1st. I'm proud of him, but I can't help but be worried about him. I know there's the chance of him being deployed somewhere, but there's also the fact that when he gets home from basic, it will be right in the middle of fire season here, and I'm sure that he'll be called on to help put those out. Scary stuff...
My middle daughter is in college, but is trying to decide if she should come home and finish her degree here. I'd like it if she could stick it out where she is, but it's her choice to make.
My oldest son is looking for a job, and enjoying spending time with his daughter.
My youngest daughter is doing great in homeschool! We're still having a tough time getting her to write, though!
Okay, this has gotten long again. : ) I'm going to go for now, and check back later. Don't know how much
Y'all have a great evening!


Mouse said...

Iowa would be a bit far for me to go just for ritual suicide!
I've just been a bit crap at commenting on anyone's blog lately. I'm still reading them, though. :)

Shawna said...

That's okay. I was just wondering...:)