Sunday, March 30, 2008

Book tag also...

Mouse tagged me, so I'm playing along! : )

Okay, the first book to hand is Dragon Slippers by Jessica Day George.

Page 123 (funny, haven't gotten this far yet!), third sentence is:
Tobin winked at me as I approached, and I rolled my eyes by way of reply.

And the next 5 sentences are:
"Your Highness." I curtsied, my eyes downcast. When I raised them, I found that Luka had gotten to his feet and was grinning at me.
"Creel." He gave me a polite bow, clearly amused at my overly formal greeting. "I wanted to know how you were getting on here in Mistress Derda's fine establishment."
"I am enjoying my work very much," I said, hoping that he didn't notice how red and pricked my fingertips were.

And so now I tag Neo, Tah, Accipiter, OppieJoe, and LaMa.

Hmmm, all


Tah said...

Sorry. I was already tagged by MadCarlotta and I'm not doing it twice. :-P

Shawna said...


Smerk said...

*sniggers* Acci can never remember the address to his own blog, let alone how to log in and add stuff to it...

Oooh, and my verification code is almost an actual word - wulfham.

NEO said...

I have no books around me, I'll have to do a little searching around the office.