Tuesday, April 22, 2008

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Yeah, that's a pretty shameless plug.  But seriously, go check them out! :  )  I have pictures up on #2, and the beginning of a story on #3 (it's Chapter one of a multi-chaptered story, you might want to catch the beginning so you know what's going on! lol)
Oh, and there are new pictures of Tiny, with clothes on!  He looks, as Rachele put it, like a proper baby now!

Look at the size of those feet!  He's going to be one tall kid!

Aww, so sweet.... : )

Can't wait for him to come home!  He's gaining about an ounce a day right now, but he needs to be able to maintain his body temperature, which should be easier once he's got some fat on those bones of his.  I'm kind of jealous, since I can't hold him yet.  But since he only gets to be held once a day, I guess I'll leave that for his mom and dad...lol

In other news...not much new to report, actually.  My daughter Kaila is moving back up here in about a month.  Tuition is being raised in NC, where she is currently attending college, to a point where she won't be able to afford it unless she gets a full time job, which doesn't exactly leave much time for school and studying.  So she's transferring to the local college here.  I told her she can't have her room back, since we already gave it to her youngest brother...lol   Actually, she's going to move in with her grandparents for a while, I think, to give her a chance to save for an apartment of her own, and to continue easing her out of living with family.  None of the kids really like the quiet of their own places, they like the chaos that is our house.  They seem to thrive on it.  Me, I am looking forward to the day when the house has only Dave and I in it.  Then, the next day, it will be all crazy and hectic again! : )  Ah, well, I love my family!

My middle son, Jake, is in boot camp and pretty homesick.  He's nervous about the fact that his hands are shaky and they're learning advanced lifesaving techniques and how to put IVs in each other.  He's worried that he'll miss the vein.  Dave had a pretty good talk with him, he said.  I just want to hug him and tell him it'll be okay.  And this isn't even the hardest stuff yet!  *sigh*  It's hard to watch your kids grow up.  Especially when you can't be right there with them.

Okay, that's all for now.  Have a good evening!  

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