Tuesday, April 8, 2008

This is only a test...

While necro-surfing over at the MoH forum, I found a link to a pretty neat personality test. It's called a "Kingdomality Test," and checks your personality to see how you would fit into a medieval kingdom, and how it would compare to a corporate kingdom today. Here is the link:


That takes you to the front page, and you click on the image and go from there. I got the Dreamer-Minstrel. I think that's pretty close to how I am, but I may go back and re-take the test later and see if it comes up with anything different.

I think the main reason I'm looking for something different, job-wise, is that I really would like to have a job that would actually mean something. I would most love to own my own craft store, but I don't want it to be a huge business, because I really don't want to be a manager. Unfortunately, I have no business-running skills. I'm going to see if our local adult education center has classes on business management, or business ownership. And while I know that's also retail, it would be my retail business. Mostly I want to get out of debt, be able to save money for when I retire (no, I don't want to still be working at 70 or so, thanks all the same), possibly own a home, and maybe do some travelling. There are lots of places in this world I'd like to see someday. And if I could save money to pass on to my kids, that would be cool, too. The two most important things in that list are getting out of debt and saving for retirement.

Ah, well. Deep thoughts in such a shallow pond...lol Take the test if you want, and have a great evening, day, whatever! : )


Nettie said...

I too got the Dreamer/Minstrel. I love how these tests can make such judgements based on a whole 8 questions!

Shawna said...

No kidding. And apparently there are 12 different categories.

Mouse said...

I got the same as well, but the description of me is really inaccurate!