Saturday, October 11, 2008

But it isn't even Halloween....

And there is snow on the ground. And it is still snowing. AND (get this) they're saying something about the possibility of another 8 to 12 inches of this stuff! Oh, man.... :(

I'm not ready for the snow. I've resigned myself to the fact that Halloween here is almost always cold, rainy, windy, or snowy...or sometimes all of the above. But it's only the 11th of October, for heaven's sake! Much too early to have to break out the snow shovel.

There hasn't been a whole lot going on around here, which is why I haven't posted anything. I'm still waiting to hear something definite from the Census Bureau. Although someone from the Denver office called me at work yesterday, and left a message to call her back. Of course I was very excited, and called as soon as I got the message--but I didn't get the message until 2 because I was closing last night, and I guess they had already left for the day, since I got their machine every time I tried calling. Guess I'll be calling on Monday. (I hope they were calling to tell me that I got the job, and not to say, sorry, they don't need me...)

Also, today and possibly tomorrow we're going to be in a cleaning frenzy here at the house. Our landlord wants to have the house refinanced, so naturally it must be inspected inside and out. Which means it must be spotless top to bottom. The guy wanted to come today, but Dave told him that he was sick (which he is) and talked him into coming on Monday afternoon instead. I think we're going to need a miracle...

And I've been thinking lately about doing a bucket list--I saw several from you fine folks on your own blogs, and thought I might share mine. I'm pretty sure I can come up with 34 things I want to do before I die. That's for another post, though--right now, it's time to go and clean. Um, yay?

Hope y'all have a good weekend! If you get the chance, take a look at Heather's Bookanook (if you feel like it, anyhow)--also at The Crafty Dragon's Creations, I have a countdown to Christmas, just in case you weren't panicking yet about buying and/or making gifts! :) So long for now!

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