Saturday, September 1, 2012

What's that? Dead, you say?

No, no, I promise I'm not dead.  Unless I really am, and am just a zombie, but don't know it.  Though I'm pretty sure zombies don't write blog posts.

Well, a quick catch-up is in order, I think.  I managed 3 A's, an A-, and a B last semester, and while I'm a bit disappointed to break my straight-A run, I'm very pleased that that B wasn't a C, which was what I was actually expecting for that class (that was my Literary Criticism class--very heavy stuff).  Summer has passed much too quickly, as usual, and to top it off, Heather turned 14 two weeks ago!  What the heck?!  And the silly child had the nerve to start high school last week.  Makin' me feel old, I tell ya.

In a few days, I head back to school myself, and this time around, I'm a member both of Sigma Tau Delta (English honor society) as its vice-president and the college's Honors club.  I'm also still going to be editing The Rook (college literary journal), and if I ever get the application filled out, hopefully I'll be editing for The Retort (college newspaper).  As far as classes, I'm only taking four this semester: American Lit I, Studies in American Lit, Young Adult Lit, and Shakespeare.  I also have to do some serious studying so that I can challenge (test out of) second year French, which they don't offer.  The only language they do offer two years of is Spanish, which I don't want to take, so my other options are to either take a year of German or Arabic, or test out of French.  Also, I'm going to be working with the Honors club advisor to see about turning some of my classes into honors-level ones, which means, most likely, extra readings and/or papers, stuff like that.  My mind just boggles at the fact that I'll be graduating in just a few months!  Kaila will be, as well, so she's pretty excited about that!

Also, in July, we got a temporary cat....but then we decided to keep  Her name's Kira, and she's enormous!  For the last month or so, she was pretty sick, but with some special food from the vet and subcutaneous fluids (administered by yours truly), she's doing much better!

Nothing else much going on.  I'll try to do better at keeping up with this (I know, I know, I keep saying that...), and hopefully I'll even start having something important to say!  (What an idea, right?)

Later, folks.  :-)

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Nettie said...

Braaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaains. Brains brains, brain's. Brbrbrbr! Braaaains.

The above is an excerpt from a zombie blog I read regularly. Though she does tend to stay on topic a

Glad to hear more about your adventures :)