Monday, January 17, 2011

It's January again...

I really should start posting more often, otherwise, why have a blog? 

Most of you probably already know that I finished the fall semester at college with straight As, something I've never done before--yay me!  Spring semester started last Wednesday--I'm taking Intro to Sociology, Intro to Language, Intro to Astronomy (plus the lab), Geography of World Regions, and British Lit. I.  Most of them seem pretty interesting, though my geography professor might drive me insane--her political views are completely opposite of mine.

As far as resolutions...obviously I didn't fulfill mine about posting here more often, so I'm at least going to try for one a week, since I made a whopping TEN posts last year.  *sigh*  I didn't manage to lose the 20 pounds I wanted to, but I think I did manage to lose a few.  At least I didn't gain any, which is good.  :-)  One thing I've decided is that I'm going to cut waaaaaaaaaay back on the Mountain Dew--I was drinking a liter of the stuff almost every day, so I've decided to just drink one can of it a day, which gets rid of 3/4 of the calories (roughly).  So far, I've done really well with that. :-)  I'm also planning on taking Tex for walks again--I don't think I've done that since we moved here, because we've got a fenced yard, and we can just turn him loose out there.  I may wait until it warms up again, or at least until I get my coat fixed (walking in the cold wind with a coat that doesn't zip is NOT my idea of a good time).  Another thing I may do is take advantage of the fact that I'm paying to access all of the buildings at the college, and *actually* access the  They have a pool there, too, but if I go there, it will probably be during the least busy times, at least until I get in better shape (wouldn't want to scare anyone off! lol)

I told Dave that this year I want to go driving to parts of Montana that we haven't been to before, and take pictures.  I keep seeing the beautiful pictures that Flora, Rowenna, Nettie, Sarah, and Acci post, and I realize that mine are kind of boring since there's nothing new to share.

I think that's all for my rambly post today.  I'll try to come up with something better next time!  :-)


Nettie said...

Thanks for the post hun :)
I stacked on a *heap* of weight last year so I'm doing my best to lose it this year, although it's NOT a resolution. They rarely get kept so not point setting myself up for failure ;-) lol
And I always enjoy the photos you post! They may seem boring to you (as mine do to me most of the time) but to me they're gorgeous and new and lovely!
I lok forward to more posts! xxx

Smerk said...

Heh, I know what you mean about posting more often. I only posted once last year! So we all need to try harder in that regard. :-)

Do politics really have much to do with your geography class?

Shawna said...

Sarah, basically, my geography class is a study not just of the world's regions, but also of the people who live in them. It seems that there will be at least some politics involved, just from the professor's lecture the first day.

Nettie, thanks. :) And mine isn't really a resolution, more just things I'd like to do. I'm kind of tired of sitting on my butt and complaining without doing anything to change things.

Maegan said...

Every time my husband cuts out soda he loses a bunch of weight. The bastard. ;) Good luck - with the classes, the posting, and the resolution.

Acci said...

Having a professor with different political views can be good fun! Back when I was getting my international diplomacy certification, I had one professor for several classes who was pretty much at the far end of the liberal scale (as were most of the students in those classes). So I got to have fun horrifying her on occasion with my (perfectly valid) solutions to the problems she gave to the class.