Sunday, October 25, 2009

Smelling the flowers...

So, I noticed something today--my youngest daughter, Heather, made a cute little foam flowerpot in church this morning. And after showing it to me, she promptly smelled it, even though it couldn't possibly smell like a flower. And I realized that, no matter where she is, or what she's doing, she has to smell every flower, whether it's real or not. It's kind of cute, and a good reminder to me to slow down a bit, and use my imagination a bit more! :-)

As far as how everything else is going since my last post...

My son Daniel is going through a divorce, after being married for about 3 months. Unfortunately, they had issues that they just couldn't get past. It's really incredibly sad to me, because up until the time they got married, they seemed very happy together.

I went back to work for a while at the Census, first as a clerk, then as an enumerator (this time locating various types of group quarters--convents, prisons, group homes, etc.), and then as a clerk again, checking in all the work that the enumerators had done. They're out of work again at the office, though, until close to the end of November. Since I just can't wait that long to be working again, I'm looking for other places to apply at, one of them being the DMV (department of motor vehicles, just in case anyone reading this doesn't know what DMV stands for), and one being at a check-cashing place.

Dave is working on being able to work from home, which would be awesome--he has been so frustrated with not being able to work. It has made him feel pretty useless, which I can completely understand. I'd love to be able to work from home, but that's not going to happen for a while.

My oldest daughter, Rachele, found out recently that she's pregnant, and possibly with twins. Every so often, I think I would like to have another kid...and then realize that, no, really, I'm good with having grandkids! lol Seriously, though, I hope Rachele has a safe pregnancy, without all the complications that she's had the last couple of times.

Last night, Iris (Rachele's 3 year old daugher) woke up from a nap that she'd taken on my bed, and said to Rachele, rather indignantly, "Mommy, someone peed in my pants!" Rachele came out of the room laughing, and told us about it, so when Iris came out, I asked her, "Iris, who peed in your pants?" She then informed me that the fish did it! Evidently, she'd had a dream about the fish that she'd seen at the Chinese restaurant where we had lunch yesterday. lol

Oh, and today, I learned how people make fancy marbles. :-)
Later tonight, I'm going to do a photo post--I'll possibly have pictures of Daniel's wedding (because, well, I want to share some of them), some of me that I took (because I was bored and someone let me play with the camera), and some others that I just want to share. So there. :-)


Maegan said...

Holy out of nowhere post, BATMAN!! Lol... Nice to catch up!

Acci said...

So, now you can replace all of your lost marbles? ;-)