Saturday, February 14, 2009

Cute and tiny...and Odd and huge...

So...whilst driving yesterday, I saw a triceratops. No, really, I did!

And today I took a picture of Gizmo, my chinchilla. I also took a video of his bath, but the lighting was crappy, and I don't think it'll show on here.

I'll have to try again in a couple of days. I'll take his bathtub into the kitchen where there's a lot of daylight and let him go crazy in it. :)

Yeah, this is kind of a lame post. Sorry about that.

Just to keep y'all posted, I'm still waiting to hear about the supervisory position I applied for. I should hear something one way or the other by the 20th of this month. As soon as I know, I'll let you guys know. :)

In other news, I'm working on unpacking boxes and getting pictures hung up. Soon as we do that, we can start on the boxes in the garage. I think I'm going to be unpacking for a looong

Oh, and my son Daniel is getting married May 14th! I'm excited for him, can you tell? ;-)

And now I think I'm going to go for the evening. Not a lot to say, really, this time around. I'll post again later on.

*Hugs* and g'night, y'all!


Mouse said...

Whan you said you'd seen a triceratops I assumed you'd gone mad... ;-P

Shawna said...

I knew someone would think that, so I was prepared with photographic evidence! lol

Acci said...

Aaaaaaa! It's a monster!

And the triceratops is interesting, too!