Friday, July 11, 2008


Isn't it amazing how the people that say they love you are often the ones who hurt you the most?

My mom's birthday was last Friday, and I bought her a copy of October Sky (the novel, not the movie, about the farmer who wanted to build his own spacecraft about the time that Sputnik was going up). Her reaction then was "What in the world made you think I would like that?" She hadn't seen the movie, or any of the ads for it, but vaguely knew about it once I gave her a brief description. She said she would read it, but sounded pretty doubtful that she would enjoy it. I bought it for her because I thought she might like something a little different than what she's been reading (romance novels, because they're cheap and throwaways) and I don't know what books by her favorite authors she has or hasn't read anymore.

Apparently I screwed up, though, because a week later she still hasn't started to read the book and asked me again tonight why I thought she would like it.

So now I am sitting here, in tears, feeling like I've somehow disappointed her yet again (won't go into other stuff right now), and wondering if I'll ever be able to please the woman.

Sorry about the pity party. I'll try not to let it happen again.

Hope y'all have a better day.


Nettie said...

Don't worry about the pity post sweetie, God knows I do it often enough!
I know it's upsetting but try not to let your Mum's apparent disappointment get you down. Sometimes people are so stuck in their comfort zones that they don't accept a good recommendation when it's offered to them. I've done this myself in the past. Christian will try and talk me into watching a new tv show that he really likes and I resist and resist, more out stubbornness I think than anything else. I'll finally give in and then end up loving it so much I'll sit and watch ten episodes in one sitting. Then I have to swallow my pride and admit that I should have listened to him earlier.

So it may take her a while but I'm sure she'll eventually open the book and enjoy it. She may not admit it (I don't know her so obviously I can't predict this)but hopefully your present will be appreciated.

Or, I could be completely wrong and she'll be an ungrateful git about it.
I hope for your sake it's the former.

Mouse said...


Am I allowed to say she's being a big ol' bitch?

Shawna said...

Nettie, I hope so (that she'll end up liking it), but it's very frustrating when nothing I do seems to be good enough for her. It makes me not want to do anything, you know?

And Mouse, yes, you can say that, because she kinda is. :(

Thanks for the hugs, guys, I needed 'em!


NEO said...

Some people you will never please no matter what you do. You are your own person though, you don't have to have her approval, because she probably doesn't know how to give it.
I have experience in this issue with my "family". Just get on with your life and next year just get her a card or nothing, like I do.
Head up, you did a good thing, she's just being a poop.

Shawna said...

Thanks, Neo. It's hard sometimes not to let stuff get to me. The sad thing is, she wasn't always like this. It's fairly recent, and I still haven't figured out the best way to deal with it.